ATOMIC POWER BOATS cater for Inshore, Offshore Sport Fishing Enthusiast and Family Leisure Market. Wide Beam of 2.35m offers Luxurious Deck Space for a 19ft mono, with Fast Back Gunwales. Based on a Proven Hull Design Methodology from the United States and Australia. The ATOMIC range is very dry even in rough sea conditions, the boats performance when skiing or tubing is simply awesome. Our design is the pinnacle in performance when considering matched Hp and turning capabilities be it at sea or while playing with the family. The power to weight ratio allows for an economical and efficient boating experience, this while she is very well balanced. Her 18.5 deg. Dead Rise ensures a very soft ride and a shallow Draft of only 280mm.

For her size she is nice and wide in the stern and mid-ship area offering spacious and comfortable boarding from the stern, additional seating in the stern and stability. We have added a large bow seat which facilitates the addition of an elevated casting deck. Under gunwale rod racks have been included in way of moulded inserts accommodating 4 rods per side with concealed rod tips. The skippers box type seat has a swivel backrest and storage below while the anchor hatch has been specially designed to accommodate a decent sea anchor.

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